It’s exciting to hear what real-world issues and big-picture questions colleagues are wrestling with. We welcome proposals on any topic that can become a non-commercial presentation. We’re especially interested in what you’d like to talk about at our next summit. This doesn’t have to be terribly formal. The most important things are that you have an idea and you’re willing to present about it.

What is your work email address?
What is your current job title?
What institution of higher education do you work for? (Try typing the first few letters of its name.)
What organization are you with (if not listed above)?
We hold regular Zoom calls as well as an annual AV Summit. At which are you interested in presenting?
On what topic would you like to present? (Don’t worry about coming up with a polished title. It’s great to say it in your own words.)
What questions will this presentation answer?
Do you have questions or comments about how you’d like to approach this topic?