Group Discussion Policy

This Group Discussion Policy applies to all group interactions of the Midwest College and University AV Group, including the AV Summit, teleconferencing calls, and Google Group interactions.

These are forums for college and university AV professionals to ask each other technical questions and compare notes on professional practice. If you have knowledge, by all means share, but we don’t want solicitations or sales pitches.

If someone describes a problem and a representative of a retailer, integrator, or manufacturer (a vendor) has experience with a product that could help solve that problem it’s fine to say, as any other professional would, “Did you know this product exists?” However, it’s widely perceived among us as annoying to hear a call to action implying ‘and you should buy it from me,’ including appeals such as ‘on sale now at…’ or ‘20% off through…’

Direct messages between members and vendors are beyond the purview of this group with one important exception: if a member feels like they’re being pursued too aggressively by a vendor based on contact initiated in this group and tells a moderator so, the moderator will have a word with the vendor. If it happens again, the vendor will be removed from the list.