Continuing the Conversation

In a sense, the conversation has been going since 2014 as a venue for AV professionals to exchange views, strategies, results, solutions, and problem solving. The focus is on technique and empirical method over commerce. When it became clear the AV Summit couldn’t happen in person March 2020, we started gathering every other week on Zoom in a conversation that’s continued to this day. Most often, these are an open-ended way for members to discuss professional matters in real time. Sometimes a member will lead the hour with a brief presentation about what they’ve been working on, with plenty of time for discussion. Once a quarter colleagues in industry join us in accord with our Group Discussion Policy.

Fred Cain, CTS-D, ISF-C, DSCE of Absen, Inc., where he is Industry Development Director for the Consultant Community, presented on LED display technology January 20, 2023.

Joseph Cornwall, CTS-D, CTS-I, ISF-C, FOI, A/V Technology Evangelist, LeGrand AV, “C Into the Future! The Power of USB Type-C,” December 9, 2022.
White papers: “Building a Productive Desktop for Hybrid Work and Education” and “USB Type-C For the AV Professional.”

Mikey Shaffer, Regional Sales Manager of Listen Technologies, led an informative discussion November 4, 2022 of what the Americans with Disabilities Act requires of educational institutions, as well as assistive listening strategies for a positive student experience.
Mikey Shaffer, “Assistive Listening: What You Need to Know” [slide deck].
Network Configuration Guide
Accessibility calculator

December 11, 2020: virtual tour of Mitrani Hall with Asa Kelley of Bloomsburg University

October 30, 2020 on holding socially-distanced live band rehearsals using JackTrip featuring Larry Lorence, Dave Mantini, and Eddie Tang of North Hennepin Community College